About Us

O’Neill Glass and Mirror, Inc. was founded on one core principle: passion. Passion for the glass industry. Owner Brian O’Neill’s passion for hands-on craftsmanship stems back to his youth. As a child, he had many opportunities to work with his hands, using the tools and materials lying around his home. It was this early interest in building that lead O’Neill to working for his father’s construction company after graduating high school.

After struggling through the 1970’s recession, O’Neill knew he needed to devise a more secure plan for making a living. He knew he wanted to continue in the building trade, so he began to explore new opportunities. O’Neill fell in love with the glass industry after landing a position at a glass company in Aurora, IL. He worked for this company for almost five years before transferring to a different glass company in Naperville, IL. Through his additional 10 years of experience working in Naperville, O’Neill had picked up every tool in the trade. From handling to transportation and installation, he had become a master at every aspect of working with glass.

As much as he enjoyed his Naperville position, it involved a lot of travelling and the commutes were beginning to take their toll. O’Neill then began to strategize other options that would foster his passion for the glass business, while also shortening his commute. With the support of his mother Letitia, O’Neill started planning to open his own glass shop in 1993. With Letitia’s generous business loan of $20,000, he had the funds to get his company up and running in Sandwich, IL.

O’Neill Glass and Mirror, Inc. continues to act as the premier provider of glass for local homes and offices to this day. O’Neill’s impressive 38 years in the glass industry shine through in his expert craftsmanship and dedication to helping customers find the perfect glass solution for their personal or business needs.

Do you have any questions?  Give us a call or stop by our office!  815-786-7718